Vision Service Plan Coverage

Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers two different products for you to pick from. The Standard Plan uses the VSP choice network. A great product at a reasonable price. The easy options plan with optional upgrades not available on the Standard Plan. Pick the plan that best suits you vision insurance needs.

Product Features:

  • WellVision exams with a $15 copay and available every 12 months
  • Lenses with single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses are included with prescription glasses every 12months. A $25 copay does apply
  • Lens enhancements are available every 12 months. A $25 copay does apply
  • Contacts are covered up to $150 for contacts and contact lens exam. No copay
  • See brochures for additional information on the products


We partner with the following organization(s) to offer you coverage:

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