Employer-Paid Short-Term Disability

When an injury or illness keeps an employee temporarily out of work, short-term disability coverage provides income to the employee at set limits and duration. Short-term disability works in conjunction with long-term disability products, giving the employee financial peace of mind.

Plan Details:

  • Pays up to 66.67% of the employee’s weekly gross earnings
  • Employer must contribute 25% or more of the premium
  • Pays partial benefits after the employee returns to work part-time
  • Paid directly to the employee
  • Maternity leave is covered
  • Coverage may be portable
  • Some exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Product Features and Options

Additional features available:

  • Guaranteed issue – employees cannot be turned down for coverage
  • Rehabilitation and return to work incentives
  • Survivor benefits
  • FICA match for employer


We partner with the following organization(s) to offer you coverage:

USAble Life
Lincoln Financial Group
Mutual of Omaha
The Standard

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