Who should I contact when I have a question about my insurance?

Your Human Resources department can help determine your coverage, policy type and individuals covered under your plan. Once you know that information you can contact the carrier directly for further information.

What if I want to change my coverage or add a family member to the policy?

Coverage changes are usually allowed only during contract renewal periods unless you experience a qualifying event such as a birth, death or divorce. Your Human Resources department can help you determine if/when you can change coverage.

Who can I call at Azurance Group to get information about my coverage?

First, contact your Human Resources department for policy and coverage information. Once you have that information, contact us.

How do I file a claim against my insurance coverage?

  1. Gather information
    • Type of insurance
    • Carrier, or company that offers the insurance
    • Insurance policy number
  2. Once you have that information select the appropriate carrier and form. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.